Frequently Asked Questions

What is CU Build?

CU Build is a nonprofit made up of 12 volunteers from around the Symitar credit union system who are dedicated to growing and improving the credit union industry through innovation, learning and strong development practices.

How did CU Build start?

CU Build started as just an idea based on a first‐hand experience at an American Airlines Hackathon. “What if we could have a hackathon like this in our industry, leveraging the cooperative principles?” The idea turned to dreams and visions and lots of people have helped us along the way. The spirit of cooperation and volunteerism is strong in our industry and we have all decided to join the cause based on an idea and a dream. We are passionate about our movement and focused on driving innovation.

Who is CU Build for?

Coders, ideators, imaginers, “hackers”, programmers, visionaries, business experts, designers, marketers, project managers, engineers, and all types of credit union employees who work on the Symitar core system. This also includes employees of organizations part of the Symitar VIP program.

Why would a vendor want to be part of CU Build?

Representing their respective companies, being at the build‐a‐thon gives opportunities for expanding the use and awareness of their platform, growing their client base, networking, developing personal relationships with end users, and promoting the overall growth and expansion of the credit union space. All of this together can help a company grow their business immensely as it benefits the industry as a whole.

Why is CU Build needed? What problem does it address?

Learning all of the new tools that our platform vendors are offering along with all of the other constantly changing technologies, regulations, and consumer demands is a real challenge for our industry. For these reasons, digital transformation continues to be at the top of many credit union leaders’ priorities. Having an event where people can solve real problems and build usable solutions can enable credit unions to speed their digital transformation by leaps and bounds.

I want to attend CU Build but I don’t know how to sell the idea to my credit union. What’s the value for us?

Attending CU Build can help develop careers, grow skills, and improve internal proficiency. It’s a great opportunity for your employees to get real world practice with some of the best development processes and latest tools in our industry. There are training opportunities and the invaluable experience of working in a fast paced environment on challenging problems that face credit unions today.

Do I need to have a team to register?

No. In fact, we prefer that participants do not have a team in mind when they register. You will be put on teams based on your skillsets, experience level, and work style. We’ll gather this information from a post‐registration survey.

When will I know who my teammates are?

Teams will be assigned and notified approximately one month before the event. This gives your team time to familiarize, organize, brainstorm, and plan leading up to the event. However, no coding is permitted until the event starts at the "kick-off".

What is the time commitment like?

In general, it will take about the same amount of time you would've spent at this event in person and spreading it out over the course of 3 ½ weeks. An hour or two of
during-business-hour sessions per week will be planned and the rest of the time
is up to each team to decide when and how much time needs to be dedicated to
their project. As with just about anything, the more you put into it the more you'll get out of it!

What is the schedule of events?

The exact schedule will be fluid and determined very close to the event. It can be found on the Schedule page once available. Participants will get calendar invites for all pertinent functions. The kick-off will be August 2nd and the winners announced on August 28th.

Is there a theme or can I just build whatever?

We will have a theme, but you can let your imagination run wild and likely fit any idea you might come up with into the theme we provide.